Gamification Mechanic Monday: Predict your performance

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Predict your performance

Very few games ask you to do this, but in sports I have come across this mechanic a few times. You basically predict how well you will do, no measurement is allowed between start and finish. Then the element of suspense happens when you are waiting for the results and prize giving where you receive the ultimate confirmation of your ability. For most of us it is an educated guess, for most athletes there is a risk of over-optimism or the reverse. Getting it right without technology is not the easiest way of performing these days.

I took part in a running race with these rules a few years ago and it was quite funny to come way ahead in the prize giving, because I am actually a very steady jogger, just not very fast, but I knew with only a minute in the difference how long it would take me. That put me in the top 5 of that race, where may actual finishing was probably the very reverse.

In business gamification, this kind of mechanic can level the playing field and give everyone the opportunity to have a win. I could see this work in sales with sales calls and targets, in call centres again with tangible targets, in projects with completion times or specific tasks, to name a few. You could even set it up individually and predict when in the week you will have your best day and quantify that.

Where do you see predicting performance happening in business gamification?

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