Gamification Mechanic Monday: Normalisers

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Normalisers

Last Friday the funny duet Jan Bidner and Mats Bjork from Sogeti in Sweden recorded their first English (think Swedish chef from the Muppet show, in some circles also known as Swinglish) Gamification Podcast, they are not new to podcasting, and normally share their gamification wisdom in Swedish. They discuss game mechanics amongst other items relating to great gamification design.

Some weeks they have a competition or quiz for listeners to participate in and the challenge was set by their guest speaker (another awesome gamification designer from Sweden) Ola Janson from Awesome Group. He suggested a normalised quiz, where the winner has correctly guessed the most answered answers. If you answer different to the majority you lose points, however if you guess correctly you gain points, the more people participate the more point everyone gains. If you feel like putting your gamification knowledge to the test and experience this game mechanic, then Gamificaton Fredag.

I would find this technique useful in e-learning, possibly also opinion polls and definitely in marketing related gamification when you are looking for consensus checking, but you also want to keep the test engaging with an element of surprise.

Where would you use it?

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