Gamification mechanic monday: levels

Gamification mechanic Monday: Levels

Levels are a common occurrence in games, but in life in general too. Society seems to have an inherent need to classify things in boxes and categories and levels allow you to do this. In martial arts you have belt colours to indicate your ability, in education you have progression from freshman to graduate and a computer games you advance up a level typically as you master more skills or beat more adversaries in the challenge of the game. In enterprise situations you have the unspoken career progression levels as well as clearly defined career progression tracks in some organisations where by displaying skills and abilities you climb the competency rank from trainee to senior and an optional progression to manager. The best known examples of levels as a business application are loyalty programs, where taking for example British Airways you join as a regular member, but then can become bronze, silver, gold depending on your flight regularity.

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Where can you apply levels in your business to stimulate progression?

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