Gamification Mechanic Monday: Joker

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Joker

Imagine feeling a bit off and not your best, so you want to skip a day in work or have permission to send someone else to a meeting to represent you and call for the joker card, which is used in this way for some card games. The joker is often a wild card or a trump card with specific game related rules. Each player has the right when they hold a joker to present them in the game. It can also be a card which is inter-changeable against other cards to make up a winning hand.

In enterprise gamification you would need to agree what the joker stands, just like in card games. Equally you would need to decide if there is mechanism which assigns a joker to each team or whether everyone has the right to use a joker once in a given project or time period. It can be a creative way to allow for some employee liberties in an otherwise fairly structured system.

What would you use your joker for?


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