Gamification mechanic Monday: duels

Gamification mechanic Monday: duels

Duels used to be fought for honour and pride and throughout history the methods of combat changed from no weapons to swords to cards to now online games. Basically it is a combat where two parties go head to head with one another for honour, pride or money or whatever else has been agreed to be the winner’s prize. There are clear rules of the game and either party can challenge the other into the duel or even a higher figure can assign duelling rivals.

In enterprise gamification duels can work in learning with quizzes where you ‘dare’ a colleague to beat you, you can have time based duels on finishing project task to quality and time, etc. I have seen pitching duels where a number of parties have been played out against each other and the prize is obviously winning the deal at the end of the duel.

Where have you seen or maybe even taken part in duels?

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