Gamification Mechanic Monday: Count down

Countdown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Count down

Count downs are a fun way to add a bit of time pressure. TV-shows have used this technique with live audiences for some time, to count out contestants on a challenge for example. Obviously the most known countdown is the one to a New Year, I am sure everyone has experienced this one. When it is done in unison with a group of people the sensation of belonging is actually quite high.

On the other hand count downs also can mean that you didn’t reach a target on time and you may be out of the game. Count downs can be part of a win and a lose scenario, which makes them interesting tools.

In a business gamification context building a story around your countdown, may well assist in marketing an event or a launch. In online marketing countdown’s have been used to announce the opening of a launch and at the same time the closing of the window of buying opportunity. Events have often a countdown timer in a public place as for the London Olympics a count down timer was standing on Trafalgar Square. For conference a sequence of count down emails each time revealing another aspect of the event, keeps it fresh in your mind and in your diary.

Where have you seen effective use of a count down timer?

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