Gamification Mechanic Monday: Co-creation

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Co-creation

Games like Minecraft let players create their own environment and build new structures with the building blocks provided by the game designers. It’s free-flowing structure has sparked a lot of creativity and also players deciding to educate other players in eve new use of the source material.

Games like Sim City let you build up your own city within the game constraints, you then have to resource manage your city to ensure the population remains happy and all utilities keep working. Whilst the freedom which you find in Minecraft is not as far flowing, this game still allows an element of creativity and ownership over your design.

How could you in a loyalty program or training course let customers or employees free flow and create their own personalised portfolio?

The motivator is definitely very strong when someone has had the chance to self-create and then takes ownership of their creation to manage it, nurture it and grow it.

Where have you seen this implemented successfully in business?


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