Gamification Mechanic Monday: Build from scratch

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Build from scratch

A lot of games have been set up to have an automatic restart or opportunity to start again. It would be like you have spent a while building a Lego construction and then  you take it apart to build something new from scratch. Puzzles also have the same effect, you make it and then you put all the pieces back in the box in order to re-start and build from scratch another time. When you are the decision maker to build from scratch, then the decision making satisfaction gives you also a sense of ownership and if it follows completion of a previous version then it may also encourage a feeling of achievement.

Lego building blocks

When someone else makes you build from scratch, like the times where your younger sibling took apart your contraption or the computer took apart your amazing build or city through fires or other, then the feeling definitely less positive. You still have the opportunity to build it bigger and better and may be more determined to do so. I sure had those experiences in my SimCity constructions.

So how can this translate to an enterprise setting, well have you worked with prototypes or projects where the plan for whatever reason is not approved or falls apart or even some of your assumptions turn out to be false. Then you may well have an opportunity to build from scratch. I think if you can create the conditions of the first situation where you have achieved something and now you can start building a new team, new project, new prototype from scratch then this gamification mechanic is a useful one.

Where else have you seen this one play out?

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