Gamification Mechanic Monday: Big lotto jackpots

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Big lotto jackpots

Did you play the lotto last weekend, because the big jackpot had to be won?

I will be honest with you, I buy the odd ticket and did over the past weekend too and from the website crashing in the lead up to the draw, I guess I wasn’t the only one. For me it is that chance to dream of winning that amount of money and what you would do with it. We actually spoke about it with family at the weekend and the responses were varied, some decided 60 million would be way too much for any one person, another view was to not spend it before you won it, others wanted to look after all their near and dear ones as well as set themselves up for a good life going forwards.

It is interesting how the spectrum varies so much even between a small group of people. When designing for a big win, be aware of the various perspectives and in some cultures lotto or any kind of gambling is an absolute no-go area. With the national lottery, you know there is always a new draw and a new chance of winning with different amounts most times, but when designing for enterprise purposes what happens  when the big win has been won. What happens to those that didn’t win? What happens to those that did? How will their experience unfold?

These questions need to be resolved early on in your gamification design, so you can plan for keeping motivation up. Because typically their is a bit of  loss experience for those that didn’t win, but equally there may be a change in the life of the winner. Ask any newly promoted manager, who was previously part of the team, how their reality changed.

Hope and dreams, drive the game of chance. Opportunities to win big can be found in enterprise settings as much as we can find these in games. Planning the journey of winners and losers and what comes next is a good way to start.

What have you seen as  great after the “successful big win” experiences?

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