Gamification Mechanic Monday: Avatars

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Avatars

Avatars can be powerful gamification mechanics for engagement, you can use them as a story teller, a brand ambassador representing your company and brand, like we do with the cartoon image GamificationNat, who also happens to be my helper on the free webinar as well as my twitter handle. In our blog post last wednesday, the campaign avatar for ‘Van 5 naar 4’ is a green alien, who becomes your sustainable transport coach. In the language learning app Duolingo, the owl is an avatar again encouraging you along.

In second life, the virtual world created by Linden Labs, people could create their own avatar, which as they researched tended to be an improved version of the individual. Giving customers and employees the choice to create their own avatar can be a bit of fun.

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Where could you be implementing avatars for your company or campaign? What avatars have you seen that you found very successful?


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