Gamification Mechanic Monday: Adventure

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Adventure

Adventures are the base of most of our childhood stories or even our game play, movies are built on them and computer games often see the adventure as the key to pull together the game narrative. In an adventure you typically follow the protagonists on a journey or you undertake the journey yourself. The journey presents a number of choices with consequences, often also obstacles or challenges to overcome and allow for a creative setting.

In gamification creating an adventure can help bring a larger project together or give a theme and environment for your strategy. It also allows for a variety of options and obstacles to be created to keep the level of challenge high enough and varied enough for people to remain engaged in the process.

In training and e-learning it is often a useful technique to create a more interesting patch with scenarios and the option to make the learner the adventures faced with choices. You may have the option to make the learner the first person experiencing the adventure or to let them be the advisor to the adventurer assisting them in making crucial decisions.

What was the best enterprise gamification adventure you have come across?

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