Gamification campaigns we love: Earn your jacket

Gamification campaigns we love: Earn your jacket

It is always fun to see an element of surprise, when companies take their gamification to an extreme level. I guess culturally this example will not work everywhere, but my guess is that it is in the same area where tv-shows such as Takeshi’s Castle are popular. The example is set in North Korea under the heading ‘Never stop exploring’.

Have a look at the clip below:

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When left to your own devices in a shop, you may or may not buy. But earning a jacket in a challenge is definitely a whole new level of fun. It is putting into practise mischief by the store assistant and relying on the motivation of unsuspecting shoppers to go for it. It is fun to watch how their motivation changes as the challenge becomes clear. The reward seems to be in proportion with the challenge and the effort based on their reactions.

Then again if you earned yourself a coat this way, you would probably be talking about it for some time. From a branding perspective and interesting strategy and aligned with brand values of this company.

I am not sure if this would work in a European setting and also the shoppers seemed to have been well preselected and able to climb.

Would you take part in this kind of challenge?



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