A fun way of taking a job interview online

I was sent this link by someone in the learning field, who reckoned I would appreciate how Artificial Intelligence and a mini-virtual world with avatars could work. The graphics look amazing and the chatbot is outright funny, just pick any answer you want, at the end of the day, you are only a hotdog attending a virtual interview. If you want to know more about how the company made the 3D model, they have included an explanation on their blog.


Ueno interview world






Their intention was to create a gameful experience and have fun creating it. As I suggest to some of my clients the best and most original ideas come in social settings when everyone is relaxed and having fun. What the interview also does, is that it will filter out those that wouldn’t fit in the company culture. The narrative, if you are highly sensitive, will indicate this isn’t the place for you. Your hotdog avatar will meet colleagues from the different offices around the world as well as the big boss. Each time you have a starting conversation choice and then it flows on from there. After you meet all the characters, you unlock access to the big boss, which then guides you to the career opening page.

From an employer branding perspective, it totally suits the digital agency. From a filtering out of bad fitting candidates in the recruitment process it also works in my view thanks to the narrative. If you can’t handle it as a hotdog, you are probably not the sausage that could stand working there (yes, I couldn’t resist this pun). From a gamification perspective, this example shows how narrative and themed visuals assist in both the employer branding and the recruitment process.


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