Friday Feminine Gamification Viewpoint: Motivation in work

Friday Feminine Gamification Viewpoint: Workplace Motivation

With motivation as a core base for gamification in business, let’s look at how men and women are motivated differently in the workplace. The info graphic below shows an interesting and subtle differentiation. One could argue the male side is more focused on performance achievement and the feminine side has more interest in emotional related softer elements.



When designing gamification solutions which motivate both sides of the gender divide it is important to note these rather subtle differences and to give equal merit in rewarding both performance as well as the softer elements such as empathy, respect, balance. Having worked in and with high performing individuals I often felt as a female I could build a bridge between pure performance and the human emotional sides. I would anecdotally concur with the above info graphic, however I would also point out that although the motivation factors differ, that doesn’t mean women don’t focus on performance and vice versa it also doesn’t mean men don’t have any time for human emotional elements. Both will value all elements, just in different order of importance.

Corporate environments by their very nature are often set up with performance and productivity at the highest ultimate goal. In gamification when we are designing solutions to appeal to inner motivations, it is good to have a blend of hard and soft measures. For example measure performance based on completion, yet also allow and encourage social support which appeals to empathy and requires mutual respect.

A lot of the employee engagement debate is also centred around employee well-being, which appeals strongly to a female audience. Can you build in a push to perform but within working hours only? Gain extra kudos for collaborating so everyone can head home on time.

I would be very interested to hear how you would build gamification solution for both sides of this equation?

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