Feminine gamification viewpoint: Stockholm Business Region

Feminine gamification viewpoint: Stockholm Business Region

Scandinavian countries are known for their levels of equality when it comes to gender. When you look at attitudes in general there are some funny things I observe as a frequent visitor of this country seen that I spend part of my time living and working from here thanks to my boyfriend. In the UK it would be frowned upon and possibly even considered career suicide if a man decided to take 6 months paternity leave, here however the opposite is true or so my male friends here confirm. It would be considered bad form if a man didn’t take paternity leave for a newborn child and I am told you would even be considered a bad manager to avoid paternity leave.

Well this week Stockholm Business Region announced at a Stockholm Tech event that they will be tracking gender equality when your business is coming to Stockholm for an event. They gave the example of wanting to organise a men’s hockey championship which they would welcome, but they then would also ask that you organise something for women and in this case it were female hockey training camps.

They consider Stockholm a great place to work and do business for women and men, they also felt using it as a unique selling point would add to making sure it also happens. So they passed a rule that if they are funding your event equality reporting is essential and action is what is measured. In their view it would eb just the same as reporting and tracking on environmental behaviour.

Tracking and reporting is a key part of all gamification design, hence I felt that this strategy definitely is worth sharing of how government services can encourage and reinforce positive behavioural change.

Would you be willing to organise an event for the other gender in return for additional funding?

I know I would 🙂

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