Feminine gamification viewpoint: Happiness at work

Feminine Gamification Viewpoint: Happiness at work

In a study carried out by Warwick University earlier this year, they found women were marginally happier at work then men. Their reason was that women’s happiness was determined more by personal and family life rather than work. Another study carried out by the same university also found that happiness and increased productivity has a very a strong correlation. They did experiments where happy events and videos were shown to a group and then verified their productivity on a specific task, they also had a test group who didn’t receive the same stimuli. The results clearly indicated happiness positively affected productivity.

When we look at gender statistics in the workplace, progression and pay for women is still behind that of men in most countries and businesses. In a HBR study of Harvard MBA graduates, women trailed men on satisfaction with their career progression and opportunities. For women focus on family came in their 40’s for men in their 50’s which may be the crucial differentiator.

These conflicting research findings, still bring up an interesting question: is happiness based on perceived gender expectations?

In further research carried out around work life balance and well-being women again seem happier than men. The quoted source is that work related stress is higher for men in comparison to women. It leaves me wondering are all of these linked to cultural expectations?

I guess one thing we need to look at when influencing happiness at work with gamification is to define happiness and how it will be measured.

Here is a video that delves a little deeper into this concept

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I would love to hear from you. Do you find women happier at work in comparison to men?

Share with us: what makes you happy at work?



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