Feminine gamification viewpoint: Fitocracy research

Feminine  gamification viewpoint: Fitocracy research

Survey based research carried out by J. Koivisto and J. Hamari confirmed and highlighted some interesting findings regarding the use of the gamified fitness app Fitocracy and the impacts on gender. From their literature review it seems a lot of the findings are confirming what is already known from other studies.

Namely women tend to be more engaged when a social setting is provided, equally they gain more from the recognition of others on social networks in comparison to males. One underlying requirement that is important for genders is that the community is also supportive of the goal one is trying to achieve by using the gamified system, in this case fitness. It confirms what we have been discussing in previous posts that women tend to rely on their network of friends to pick them up as well as feel recognised and we are not afraid to do this on a social networking platform. Men may still enjoy social elements, but they gain less positive benefits from it and are more interested in the app doing what it is supposed to do.

Ease of use was another key factor for women, but not as important for men. Again I would suggest for all app and systems designers get a group of women to test your system for ease of use, they will give you more feedback even if it may mean more work. An interesting observation was that when women do engage with a game they tend to play it for longer especially if it is social and immersive.

Instant feedback loops were important to both males and females. When you are trying to engage an older demographic also consider stimulating both mental and physical activity, social connectedness and support and feedback that endorses their levels of self-efficacy which builds the confidence to use a system more.

What are you using in your gamification design to attract and engage the ladies?

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