The Feminine Gamification Viewpoint: Innovation is best in mixed teams

The Friday Feminine Angle: Innovation works better in mixed teams

When looking to design a gamification solution and work together to have the best potential enterprise fitting innovation, having mixed teams work best according to London Business School. In a study in 2007 London Business School surveyed over 850 individuals from more than 100 team across a variety of industries and organisations in 17 countries. The purpose of the study was to find out what impact women had on knowledge transfer, experimentation and task performance.

Here are some of the findings:

  • Psychological safety in a team is at it’s optimum at 50% women
  • Team self-confidence is at it’s best when there are 60% in the team
  • Team experimentation is optimal at 50% women
  • Team efficiency is optimal at 50%

The study concluded that the optimal gender representation on teams is 50:50. When innovation is important, companies should aim for equal gender participation on teams. The study discouraged ‘tokenism’ where they said this approach is detrimental to women, but also to team performance and innovation.

When looking at the gamification world, the majority of gurus are men, so in order to design what is best for both worlds seeking input from women inside client organisations will be key.

Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology Infographic used on the friday feminine angle by www.gamificationnation.comThe Anita Borg Institute came up with the info graphic above based on research they carried out about women in technology.

We would love to hear your view on how ladies impact team performance and innovation in your organisation.

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