Building an augmented business

Making an experience better than its current reality through technology is now being nicknamed as augmented. So effectively one could argue that adding gamification and artificial intelligence is part of creating an augmented business.

For some time augmented reality or the transposing of a fictional interface onto reality is where it stopped for people. I guess it all depends on the definition of augmented reality and how you see that for your business. Personally I quite like the term of augmented business thanks to technology additions creating an improved or enhanced experience of reality.

With technology such as artificial intelligence, we can increase our speed of creating things and automate parts of the process. For example, when I record my podcast, I used to send it for transcription to a service who listened and typed it out. Now I upload the audio file to artificial intelligence powered transcriber, edit it and in a matter of minutes, I have a transcribed podcast. We can call it augmented productivity.

Some business processes lend itself ideally to being automated and often can be done better, more consistent and more accurately by computerised systems. Think about it as a secret team member that will make you look good and augment your performance.

I see gamification, augmented reality overlays, artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice activation etc as contributory factors to an augmented business.

How will we make the most of this tech?

I think we will need to experiment with it and find uses that indeed make our business processes better by eliminating the boring stuff for example or the things that computers simply do better than us. It is exciting to play around with, it will mean accepting a level of change and letting of old ways. It also means that we need to become good at spotting when the computer gets it wrong.

If you have been experimenting with these tools then you also know that today they are definitely not foolproof. When I first look at my transcription I often have to listen back to find out what on earth I was trying to say. Foreign names and words do stump it. If you have used Siri or Alexa, you also know they don’t always get it right or don’t understand it. I think new jobs will be created in training in our artificial colleagues of the near future.

I look forward to the augmented business, do you?

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