Design, gamification and other tools

We use several tools on a regular basis and where we can we have a reseller or affiliate relationship. On this page we have attempted to be selective of what we present and only chose those that we would be really happy to vouch for. In all cases we have tested and played around with the tools and often we use it for our own purposes. For each tool we will give you a description of how we use it and we hope that this will motivate you to buy your own copy either directly from us or through an affiliate link from the source supplier.

Design tools

Gamification Card deck

gamification design card deck
Gamification design card deck

We use our own game card deck to assist us at workshops, especially when we are trying to create games or gamification designs with people who self-proclaim not to play games. We found it extremely helpful to conceptualise the components of a game and to stimulate a conversation about the kinds of decisions that need to be made to make the project work for the target audience.

Gamification tools

We work with a number of suppliers and platforms, yet we have reseller agreements with only a few of them. Mainly due to our size, yes, you read that right some of the bigger platforms do not want to work with boutique or niche agencies, as we see it is their loss ;-). In any case it does make life a hell of a lot simpler.

Those we work with have mutual consultancy + platform rates with, hence it would be better if you speak to us to schedule the demo and get our preferential combo rates rather than the direct rate. We also know the owners and some of their team very well at this stage and found them to be amazingly helpful and supportive. Another reason to like them!



We would recommend the Gametize solution for those who need a ready made mobile or web-app where fun challenges are core to the experiences you are trying to create.



We would recommend Mambo for enterprise and on-premise deployments where the gamification links to your internal systems. There is flexibility as to what you can create and how visible the platform is.

Learnbrite & Mootup

Speaking videos

Learnbrite is a platform we use for some of our cooler customers who want to hang out in 3D environments with gamification built in, as well as dance moves, coffee etc. Mootup is the event space from the same supplier, which in a remote world makes for good options.

(oh and by the way if you are a platform provider happy to work with a boutique agency, without expectations of floods of enquiries but rather very select and often intense projects, then do contact us. We won’t promise anything and we want to try your toys so we know what is possible.)

WordPress tools

We are often asked to provide website gamification or small budget solutions. From our research this is still more cost-effective in comparison to working with a purpose built platform. On the flip-side you have to do much more customising yourself and maintenance yourself. Here are three of our favourite plugins that we work with:



Gamipress is probably one of the plugins we have worked with most often on WordPress based gamification projects. It offers flexibility and has so many integrations and add-ons that most of your needs will be covered.


MyCred is another flexible suite of plugins and add-ons which allow you to add all sorts of quirky things to a website such as birthday points, a few mini-games and the regular gamification items. Again they integrate well with other plugins.


We are often involved in learning related gamification projects and we will by default recommend Learndash as a learning management plugin, if our project is WordPress based. We have been a customer of theirs since it was in beta and they offer everything you need to build a neat looking course or even an academy. They offer flexibility and have a robust support system, integrations and community in case you are ever stuck.

Interactive creation tools

Coming soon…