Gamification design card deck

Build your own gamified experiences with our game deck

For years, we have been using game card decks to come up with fun gamification design at our workshops. For us, they are an essential tool to help our clients understand and create a gamification experience for their target audience. We are now making our own decks available for sale for people to use.

English version price: £23.95 (+£10 for postage)


Here is how you use the game deck:

  • Decide on the purpose of your gamification
  • Choose your player types, we created cards for employee types, learning types and customer types. Choose 1 or 2, when you choose too many reaching an objective becomes harder, in that case, choose to have different player journeys and design each of them separately.
  • Choose the type of game (1 recommended)
  • Choose the win conditions (2 or 3 maximum)
  • Set the rules of the game, pick the relevant game mechanics and decide where to use them for what effect. We would recommend looking at the process you are aiming to gamify and to identify meaningful touch points where you can add in game mechanics to help the user.
  • Share your gameplay with a target audience for feedback
  • Playtest and iterate your designs over time and with feedback