Gamification Mechanic Monday: Fixed and Variable rewards

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Fixed and variable rewards

Rewards come in various guises, the first decision to make around your rewards is whether they will appear at fixed intervals or variable ones. A fixed interval may be appropriate when a critical milestone is reached for example or when a desired action is performed. In a training course completing a section may result in a fixed reward. Variable rewards tend to be based on more variable events for example moments where you want to recognise someone for continued business with you. This could be at a moment of your choice as opposed to linked to a particular action of the customer.

On my supermarket loyalty card for example I know that for every pound I spend I receive a fixed amount of points, but when I pay I usually receive a bunch of variable rewards which tend to require further purchases but which have additional point gains such as triple point for example when I spend over £70 or 200 extra loyalty points for a buying a particular item.

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Where have you seen fixed and variable rewards and how did they work?

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