Gamification stuff we love: Habit changers

Gamification stuff we love: Habit changers

Around this time last year I mentioned a number of apps which I was then using and liked for some of their inbuilt gamification for the purpose of achieving goals. One thing I noticed over time that the apps I kept returning to were and are actually linked to a specific goal rather than generic. I dropped the generic ones where I merely listed goals but return regularly to the specific functional ones.

So in my own experience I find the true habit changing apps to be those that support my specific goals in an encouraging way. Here are my top three for this year:

Runkeeper – I use this one multiple times per month for my preferred exercise form of jogging with the underlying goal to be fitter and healthier. I set myself specific goals and love the feedback the app gives me. I also love the statistics it provides for my jogs and the amount you have gotten closer to your goal. I actually don’t like comparing my running with others, so I tend to keep to myself on this and only improve the best of me. I also took part in a few of the run keeper challenges and ordered the t-shirt when I completed them. The positive messaging that comes in the app as well as by email after reinforces my feel-good factor about completing the exercise.

Duolingo – I have the lofty longer term goal of learning Swedish and to be honest I dip in and out of Duolingo for this purpose. My commitment to this goal also wavers at time mainly because it is only for personal use and the fact I can function quite happily without it. I understand a good bit of Swedish but I am not confident I can speak, so having the app is good. Regularity is my failing really.

Sellf – I use this app for business development tracking. I meet a lot of people and needed something more than an excel sheet to track my activity and how deals are progressing. Dealing with the corporate sector lead-times can often be very long, so setting regular follow-up points is a good thing. What I like is the instant feedback on how close you get to your target deal goals and the practical use of the app. It is probably the least gamified of the three.

What apps are you using that are changing your habits and supporting your goals?


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