Gamification Mechanic Monday: Beginners luck

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Beginner’s luck

When playing games with new players, the phrase beginner’s luck is often coined when they do well unexpectedly against more experienced players. In board games and sports this is often indeed a case of luck or unexpected discovery of a skilled person, however in computer and video games this can be a programmed element to make the new player feel more confident.

It is like an on-boarding program, where early successes are celebrated and further encouragement is given to hook the player further into the game. In an organisation this can be a very useful technique to use in the new starter programs, where early successes are celebrated and the opportunity amongst rookies exists to showcase their level of skills against one another or more experienced staff.

It can be part of a levelling up progression in both skills and knowledge needed and empathy for the stress/excitement that comes with starting a new role in a new company or a new role in a different team. The psychology behind it is to enforce the behaviour you would like to see more of and to encourage participation of your new starter.

Where have you experienced beginner’s luck?

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