Gamification Mechanic Monday: Team Quests

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Team quests

In enterprise gamification a powerful technique is team quests, where a whole team works towards a cry specific goal with a deadline and outcome. In the pharmaceutical sector countries were playing as a team to win  in terms of sales and productivity figures. They had a racetrack dashboard where each car had the country flag on it and all employees knew what it was about. As one team member said even the secretaries were engaged and teasing their foreign counterparts on the phone in friendly conversation.

The most original I have come across in recent days is where a multinational organisation randomly picked teams from all their staff with the view of getting to know new people across the company as well as a team well-being goal of collectively supporting one another to engage in a physical well-being activity such as sports, relaxation, nutrition etc. What was chosen was not important, but regular execution and feedback to the team and mutual support to keep going was the aim of the game. Because of the highly competitive nature of people in this organisation and the general company culture, they even engaged in one-on-one competition, which wasn’t asked for by the employee engagement initiative. It spontaneously happened. The net effect was that people got to know colleagues around the world with a common reason to communicate and the workforce also felt better in the process.

The key in setting a team quest is that the whole team is aware of what needs to be achieved and wants to work together to achieve it.

What is the best team quest you have come across?

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