Web summit: Get it gamified – why gamify?

With the web summit Get it Gamified only days away, I want to introduce you to some of the panellists and our topic for each call.

Let’s look into our first call of the summit Why gamify? What gamification can do for your business. This session will be held on the 6th of February at 3pm GMT, you can still register to attend on this link.

This call will focus on why any organisation would want to use gamification as a method to increase engagement and loyalty. I will ask panellist where they have seen positive impact and give us some examples of the impact of these gamification practices. I will also ask when it isn’t appropriate to implement gamification. The panellist are experts that have worked with social media, community building, membership attraction, loyalty programs and enterprise wide gamification.

For this call all the panellist will be dialling in from the USA and in a global gamification perspective I would say that they are definitely at the forefront in this industry, so I am delighted to be joined by people implementing gamification for a number of years. Here is a bit more about who they are:

Kat Mandelstein, PwC Advisory

Kat Mandelstein recently joined PwC Advisory through the integration of Ant’s Eye View. Kat was a contributor to The PwC Technology Forecast: Solving Business Problems with Game-based design. She has helped customers and her own organizations implement gamification.

Kat also serves on the International Board of Directors for Social Media Club. Previously, she was an executive in IBM Software Group leading demand program, partner, digital marketing and development teams over the years. A digital native who early on led the successful retail site, www.jcpenney.com. Kat has been a regular contributor to the Austinot, BtoB Magazine’s BtoBlog and The Beancast.

Kat holds a B.S. in Advertising with minor in Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin and a Global Leadership MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas. She also completed certification in Gamification from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania through Coursera.

Ben Bressington, Tigga Studios

As a creative entrepreneur, he has launched gaming apps in the Android and IOS markets and sold my app portfolios for six-figure amounts.  he has built successful companies in three countries:  Australia, America, and Canada. Ben launched over 300 apps as an e-commerce and direct marketing specialist. His company was hired to create and build out sales funnels, community websites with over 40,000+ members and product launches that generated over $100,000 in sales in less than 72 hours for clients around the world.

He not only built websites but created online businesses. There is a big difference and you require different skills to create online businesses that are automated to empower thousands of people per minute.

For years, Ben had been building game mechanics into the online businesses that he had been creating without knowing that was what he was doing. From the way that he would design and build out forums and online communities to foster engagement, to continuing the client path by promoting micro-actions along with microtransactions to continuity programs.  The products that had fun, engaging elements were selling.  Those that were overly instructive or didn’t have spirited features that promoted a story or bigger purpose, failed. Those websites and apps that failed to show feedback loops to the user by trackable progress improvements failed to keep users engaged for the ones that did. These early signs indicated there was something bigger here and that he was ahead of the market. But what he felt he needed was to create a duplicatable framework that he could apply to any business to increase engagement through monetization, loyalty and momentum.

By using fun as the core value as a starting point he was able to create the GAMER formula as the framework to layer game mechanics onto anything. He now teaches people around the world how to win in business and win at life.

Tyler Altrup, Badgeville

Tyler is a Solutions Architect at Badgeville, The Behavior Platform. Badgeville is the #1 gamification platform. With over 200 global customers, Badgeville offers gamification solutions for marketers, sales & services managers, HR leaders and product managers to increase customer loyalty and employee performance. Badgeville’s customers include Samsung, Deloitte, VMware, Oracle, Universal Music, NBC, and more. Tyler specializes in strategic design for gamification and behaviour management programs for Badgeville’s clients across virtually every industry. In his previous role with EMC, he managed social insights, social monetization and gamification while leading the launch of RAMP, EMC’s Recognition, Award, and Motivation Program on the EMC Community Network (ECN.) He is a frequent blogger on all three topics, as well as music and gaming, at Gamification.co, GamifiedEnterprise.com, and TylerAltrup.com.

As you can see we have a fantastic line up of expertise, if you have a question on the topic of gamification, then I would love to hear from you, you can post them as a comment or just sign up for the webcast and send in your question on the day.


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