Gamification Mechanic Monday: Ambassadors

Gamification Mechanic Mondays: Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors in effect do the hard work for you in promoting your message to a group of people that have an interest and he may even go as far as converting them to customers. In the gaming world he is the kind that will record his solution to a particularly hard level, so other people can learn from it.

Where in your business can you build in elements where people in the know, i.e. existing customers have an opportunity to become brand ambassadors for your business?

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Is there an opportunity for customers to explain how they have particularly addressed an issue thanks to your support, for those of you in consulting or service professions, this can be an active ambassador strategy. The idea is that you would want to encourage this behaviour spontaneously because the service or result was that great.

Where else in business have you seen this strategy in action?

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