Gamification stuff we love: Gaminomics

Gamification stuff we love: Gaminomics

It is rare I comment on an event before it happens, but I will promise to update my post next week, when I have caught some insights from it. Basically Gaminomics is call all innovators, creators and developers with an interest in game design and gamification to come and learn and play.

The ambition is to share projects, techniques that have worked and not worked and some news from great start-ups. The reason why I am on one side gutted, because I can’t make it the whole day because of client commitments, is that the range of projects presented is coming from some very good sources. I know some of the projects from Cancer Research but equally some of the materials from Disney and other big names mentioned. Those projects are great showcases and I would love to hear the insider story and the lessons learned along the way. Not only are some of these presented but equally available to play and view demo’s of.

I also see a list of great and interesting start-ups, most of whom I haven’t come across, but they do seem really relevant. So I am going to do my best to finish early on the 11th of June and make sure I at least get the scoops of the day at the tail end of it. If this has tickled your fancy you book your place here. What’s even better the great people from Gaminomics are offering all my followers a 50% ticket discount if you put in the following code¬†GAMIFICATION_VIP. If you clicked the link above to book your place the discount should be automatically displayed.

I promise to keep you posted on my insights after the event also. Let us know your insight in the comment section after the event also.

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