Immersive game experience

We create a whole game with one specific purpose.

Digital or physical formats

Game types all depend on your goals and user preferences.

Game Plan

Predictable and affordable pricing with our subscription based game design and development plans
Games, whether they are physical or digital, bring people together, whether they are collaborating in same room, or connecting remotely with teammates across the world, games get people talking and sharing a common interest.

Find the best candidates with purpose-driven mini-games

Test your job applicants on their affinities in work-like scenarios, evaluate their competencies and knowledge before they join your team.

Teach complex product information in a playful way

Players can experiment with actions and consequences in a safe environment.

Allow employees to experience scenarios

From a virtual office tour to a game that puts them in the client's shoes, ler your employees experiences the choices and consequences of a situation.

Digital, physical or mixed games?

We will work with you to understand your goals, then we will choose the channels that are most suitable.

If you’re looking to encourage conversation and strengthen social ties, a physical game such as a board game or card game might work best.

Digital apps and online games work best for separated teams or lone learners who encounter the learning process in their own time.

Sometimes, a blended approach is best, using a combination of both for example augmented reality in the form of a treasure hunt. The possibilities really are endless.

“Winner of internal innovation award!”

Our client wanted to persuade their audience to use modern technology instead of classroom training. We created a demonstrator gamified learning journey to showcase how engaging gamified learning can be. This led them to win an internal innovation award and be shortlisted for Tiga Educational Games Award (2017).

“80% increase in confidence of sales agents.”

Insurance sales agents are not comfortable speaking to SME business owners about cyber security. We created a collaborative board game where the team has to defend a chosen business against cyber attacks for use at events and training sessions. Project won the Excellence in No-tech gamification design at GamiCon 2018 in Chicago.

Is serious game design right for you?

If you have a specific goal for your employees, a dedicated budget and an open mind, we can come up with a truly creative and unique game for you. Get in touch for an initial call.