Meet the team you’ll be working with.

An Coppens

Chief Game Changer

The company is led by An, revered gamification expert and award-winning speaker with over 20 years’ experience in creating behavioural change through games and play.


Ideas generator, Design creator, Writing machine, etc.

Favourite games:

Sim City (original), Homescapes, Ticket to ride, 80 days, puzzles.


3D & Design Assassin

Alvin is our real-life Ninja who prefers to work in the shadows. He slices and dices virtual objects with his 3D and design assassin skills.


Creating virtual characters and layouts, whipping up creative dishes in the kitchen.

Favourite games:
Anything on a mobile, PC or games console!


Interactive Web Developer

Jezzel is the team’s talented web developer, creating interactive and engaging web interfaces that are the cornerstone to our games.


Front and backend coding, photography, being an emotional support buddy.

Favourite games:

Suikoden series, Tales series, The Sims series.


Unity Platform Developer 

Angelo is our excellent Unity platform developer; he writes the vital code which forms the basis of every mobile app.


Code generator, code seeker, code enthusiast.

Favourite games:

Animal Crossing, Clash Royale, Super Mario.


Content Designer

Edelweiss is our clever content designer, she covers all aspects of copy from game instructions to quizzes and flashcards.


Writing, researching, cooking, and baking. 

Favourite games:

SimCity, War Craft, StarCraft, Diablo, Heroes of Might and Magic, etc.


Mobile and Web Developer

Eman is our skilled mobile and web developer, he helps to create the immersive digital experiences found in all of our games.


Eman just laughed when we asked him what his superpower is, so we think it must be modesty!

Favourite games:

Favourite video games: Battle City, Mario.


Expert Marketer

Georgi is our expert marketer; she is here to prove to everyone that they all need more games in their life!


Writing copy, being organised, making crochet patterns.

Favourite games:

Tetris, Theme Park and Monopoly.

Axl Rose

WordPress and Front-End Developer

Axl is our wordpress developer; she converts design into technical front end of the web.


Design and Develop.

Favourite games:

Exploding Kittens, Solitaire, Call of Duty Mobile


Disruptive Cuddle Seeker

Saga is our cameo actress in online meetings.


Purring, catching mice and other moving items.

Favourite games:

Chase birds, box investigations, climbing on top of stuff, hide and seek, biting office equipment if no attention is given.

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