The future of work is human, augmented by game-like technology

The company is led by An Coppens, revered gamification expert and award-winning speaker with over 20 years’ experience in creating behavioural change through games and play.

Using the latest research in neuroscience, UX/UI , behavioural economics, psychology and motivational design, we are creative and innovative when it comes to games and gamification design.

We cover all aspects of the employee lifecycle including employer branding, recruitment, on-boarding, training, productivity and career progression. Our expertise encompasses anything that intends to:

< Attract, motivate, engage, inspire.

< Promote collaboration and loyalty.

< Even a bit of competition when it is appropriate.

< Win/win for all involved.

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We work with all types of businesses and industries, from SMEs to FTSE 500 companies across the UK, Europe, the US and Asia.

Our Promises:

Inclusive by design

We want every employee to feel like they belong when they play our games.


To involve our clients in all stages of development.


We always start with the user’s experience.


Bringin new ideas and concepts to life.


Enabling learning through play, with a safe environment.


A femail led and founded aiming for 50/50 gender split.

“Gamification Nation stands for getting you results, providing a quality solution, and above all, having fun in the process!” An Coppens

We have a number of solutions available to suit your needs including ready to deploy ‘subscribe and play’ games, the gamification of your existing process or serious games design which involves creating a new digital or physical game.

If you want to remember one thing about us, it’s that we are ‘inclusive by design’, we want everybody to feel like they belong when they play our games and engage in our gamified processes. We actively support the Global Goals of gender equality and aim to reduce inequality whenever put together a gamification strategy.

Our Solutions

Pay & Play Apps & Games

A digital solution for every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Gamification Strategy & Design

Add incentives and playful aspects to your existing processes.

Serious Game Design

Create a new game. Can be digital or physical.
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“Instrumental in helping.”

An has been instrumental in helping me and my business to reach its goals. The guidance and support has helped me to achieve results. In addition becoming a new Mum this year has really meant that my work/life balance has had to be kept in check.

Sam Rathling | LinkedIn Expert & Social Selling Strategist

“Best business coach I have met.”

An is the best business coach I have met. Her ability to make you rethink, re-evaluate and set you on your right course is second to none. She advises taking into account the clients requirements, ability and personality.

David Donegan | Managing Partner Donegans

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Is gamification or serious game design right for you?

If you have a process that you would like to enhance in a playful way or have a specific goal for your employees, a dedicated budget and an open mind, we can come up with a truly creative and unique game for you. Get in touch for an initial call.