Gamification Mechanic Monday: Trophy Cabinet

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Trophy Cabinet

Some games have a trophy wall where you can display your items, others allow you to carry a special avatar to display your special achievements and others just show the level. In real life if you have done sports or other competitive adventures, there typically are nice trophies to be won, which most people will put on display in a prominent place in their home. I sure remember all my little trophies found a home on a shelf in my bedroom. They were special to me and a reminder of an achievement. In sailing racing, some of the helmsmen I sailed with made seriously special cabinets for also handcrafted and good-looking trophies.

In schools we often find a trophy cabinet in the principal’s area or main entrance to display how good the school is at encouraging achievement. In businesses you will often see trophies displayed in the reception area, the CEO’s office or the office of the winners, many businesses also use them on their websites as third party endorsements of their achievement.

The key with trophies is that they need to be meaningful and a result of effort. When you just won a race over a long-standing opponent, you may treasure the prize more than for example the race you won in the first minutes. I came home from the New York marathon with my finisher’s medal and although it was my slowest race ever, it took massive effort to get to the line and that medal signifies all the sweat and hard work I left on the streets of New York as well as the support from 2 fellow runners, who I teamed up with to get us all across the line. I have completed other marathons and earned the medal, but that one is special. Maybe followed closely by my first ever marathon.

It is the psychological booster from seeing achievement, that will build you up for more. When you know it took work to earn it and then see it on a regular basis, your subconscious mind will also remember you can achieve and win again in future. Most businesses buyers will look for third party evidence that you are worth buying from and a trophy wall or cabinet or display of achievement on your site will generate this. It also provides potential great stories that can build empathy and understanding.

Where do you have your trophies?

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